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Unified Access Platform for Online Monitoring Equipment
According to the national standard protocol, the online monitoring equipment of different manufacturers can be accessed uniformly. After data access, functions such as intelligent identification, picture roasting, automatic early warning and real-time APP terminal push hidden dangers can be realized.

√ According to national standard protocol I1 to access different types of online monitoring equipment, the platform unified management and application in the platform.

√ Compatible with multi-manufacturer equipment access, easy to coordinate and maintain, management more convenient.

√ Panoramic real-time monitoring, can realize real-time warning, quick display, quick positioning and quick disposal of problems.

√ It can realize picture rotation, observe and monitor general situation, and realize intelligent recognition.

√ Full integration of information, can carry out timely and detailed statistical analysis from multiple angles.
Product detail

Transmission line online monitoring unified access platform system, access the online monitoring data of different manufacturers according to the standard protocol.Basing the accessed data, it can intelligent discern the hidden danger , provide real-time monitoring, picture rotation, real-time forewarning, real-time APP terminal push hidden danger notifications and other functions. The platform integrates online monitoring data from different manufacturers to achieve unified intelligent control.

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